This is a fashion assemblage inspired by art * art: Ramon Casas nice fashion photos are: 1, 2.and 7....

After the after

This is a fashion assemblage inspired by art

Casas - preparing the bath

eugenio recuenco - Google pretraživanje
eugenio recuenco - Google pretraživanje
Alexander McQueen  Slideshow on 2005
Serlin Associates — Aitken Jolly — Portfolio
Garage Editorial No.5 FW 2013-14 - Laura Kampman by Daniel Sannwald
eugenio recuenco - Google pretraživanje
Generation Insomnia

art: Ramon Casas

nice fashion photos are:
1, 2.and 7. Eugenio Recuenco photography
3. Zoe Jordan
4. Alexander McQueen
5. Photographer Aitken Jolly
6. Garage Magazine, Model: Laura Kampman Photographer: Daniel Sannwald 
8. Daniella Hod


 After the bath, 
 After the opera, 
 After the after 

 It's all the same,  

 Who ever one was, 
 Wherever one goes, 

 The cluelessness 

 And the youlessness 
 As the last tram 

 Lets one in, 

 So warm the eyes 
 So easily close... 
 -- Osip Mandelstam -- 

art: 'Woman Preparing the Bath' is a painting by Ramon Casas. I've always appreciated paintings that depicted moments out of ordinary life. This one impressed me by a particularly beautiful combination of colors.

Ramon Casas i Carbó (4 January 1866 – 29 February 1932) was a Catalan Spanish artist. Living through a turbulent time in the history of his native Barcelona, he was known as a portraitist, sketching and painting the intellectual, economic, and political elite of Barcelona, Paris, Madrid, and beyond; he was also known for his paintings of crowd scenes ranging from the audience at a bullfight to the assembly for an execution to rioters in the Barcelona streets. Also a graphic designer, his posters and postcards helped to define the Catalan art movement known as modernisme. 

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