fashion assemblage inspired by art * really special work of art:  Alexandra Levas...



fashion assemblage inspired by art

Eaux Troubles I

GUY BOURDIN - Google pretraÅživanje
K H E R L A K: May 2010
Best Catwalk Bags of Paris Fashion Week, spring/summer 2015 | Fashion, Trends, Beauty Tips & Celebrity Style Magazine | ELLE UK
Fashion Week Herbst/Winter 2014/15 – Texture vs Print – ELLE
'Floral Fantasy' Chantal Stafford Abbott by Leda & St. Jacques for Elle Canada September 2011 3
red and blue
Elle Russia Editorial November 2014 - Stef Van Der Laan by Marianna Sanvito
Olga Butkiewicz by Craig Salmon in Pattern Play for Fashion Gone Rogue

really special work of art: Alexandra Levasseur 
georges photos by:
1. Guy Bourdin photography
2. Jean Francois Lepage photography
3. Lanvin
4. Dolce & Gabbana 
5. Chantal Stafford Abbott by Leda & St. Jacques for Elle Canada 
6.  Alessio Bolzoni  photography
8. Katty Xiomara
10. Elle Russia November, Model: Stef Van der Laan 
Photographer: Marianna Sanvito Fashion Editor: Renata Kharkova
11. Balmain
12. model Olga Butkiewicz, photographer Craig Salmon.
13. Valentino


 the beautiful brush strokes 

 of this dying day, people pile 

 like a river inside the river, they keep coming 

 and diving in, they keep feeding their breath 

  to the water, which is less, which is thinned

- Bob Hicok -

(this intriguing poem was found on poetry foundation)

art: Alexandra Levasseur
I find this artist very special, her work explores vulnerability and anxiety in vibrant colors.
'I prefer drawing to talking' as her site states has a trace of Buddhism and evokes a notion of what true artist should be. 

Artist statement: My work portrays tormented female characters amidst landscapes that seems to be coming out of a dream. The central themes explored in my approach are love, fear, anguish and unrequited desire. I am interested in depicting both the solitude and the bipolarity of the existence of the human being, through the representation of memories. I question the relationship between physical comfort and peace of mind, and how the environment around us can affect this state of mind. Then, the word “relationship” struck me as key. The search of the “relationship” between things is what interests me. In this context, with “Chaos is a dancer,” I questioned the idea of relationships as the basic element of all that exists and life itself. I represented the planet earth as a single organism. Nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed.

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