art inspired art: Everett Shin - 'Girl on Stage' fine fashion photos above are:  1...

Girl on Stage


art inspired


Biba couture 1970s
irrationalfashioner:  N°46 Shades of Green #7
Giorgio Armani Campaign FW 2014-15 - George Alsford and Marikka Juhler by Solve Sundsbo
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art: Everett Shin - 'Girl on Stage'

fine fashion photos above are: 
1. Florence
2. Biba couture 1970s
3. Valentino, photography:  Nicolas Valois
4. Dior, photography:  Nicolas Valois
5. Lily Donaldson By Ben Hassett For Numéro #134 June/July 2012
6. photography: Elizaveta Porodina
7. photography: Anja Niemi
8. photography: Julia Hetta
9. Giorgio Armani Campaign FW 2014-15 
10. photography: Mario Testino

 'Girl on stage' is a painting of Everett Shinn (born November 6, 1876.). He was an American realist painter and member of the Ashcan School, also known as 'the Eight.' He was the youngest member of the group of modernist painters who explored the depiction of real life. He is most famous for his numerous paintings of New York and the theater and of various aspects of luxury and modern life inspired by his home in New York City.
Shinn's pastels were bold and brushy. His strokes were thick and his paintings communicated a sense of immediacy, sending a message similar to that of a snapshot. Through his many years, Shinn experimented in the mediums of oil, pastel red chalk, gouache and watercolors, though his most famous works were oil pastels. Like many painters associated with the realist movement, Shinn often depicted women and men from diverse races, classes and social backgrounds in public spaces together.   Shinn  was concerned with depicting real life and the world around him. Many of his paintings were inspired by his window views and walking through the parks in New York City, his most instrumental paintings were created during his time there.

I love the contrast of dark and light in this painting and the whole dark sphere that divides the 'girl' and the audience with its subtle green  tones. It seems that theater is Shinn's favorite subject.


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