Design of this  fanzine  is fabulous. Comme des Garçons fanzine: "the color of refusal"  Illustrated by Bijou Karman ...

"the color of refusal"

Comme des Garçons by Bijou Karman
Design of this fanzine is fabulous.

Comme des Garçons fanzine: "the color of refusal" 

Illustrated by Bijou Karman

Comme des Garçons by Bijou Karman

CDG / ODD by Bijou Karman, via Behance
Comme des Garçons by Bijou Karman

“For something to be beautiful it doesn’t have to be pretty.” 
- Rei Kawakubo - 

Comme des Garçons by Bijou Karman

Comme des Garçons, French for "Like Boys"
The label was started in Tokyo by Rei Kawakubo  in 1969 and established as a company Comme des Garçons Co. Ltd in 1973
Rei Kawakubo said that fashion is something you attach to yourself, put on, and through that interaction the meaning of it is born. Without the wearing of it, it has no meaning, unlike a piece of art. It is fashion because people want to buy it now, because they want to wear it now, today. Fashion is only the right now. 

Alexander McQueen, designer said about her:"What's really impressive bout (Rei) is that she's never backed down. I believe everyone should be like that, but it's hard. I know how tough it is to do the things you want to do. Rei doesn't compromise, nor should she. Noone should compromise. Compromise makes people dull." 

Rei Kawakubo:“The main pillar of my activity is making clothes, but this can never be the perfect and only vehicle of expression. I am always thinking of the total idea, and the context of everything. Fashion alone is so far from being the whole story. It seems that with fashion, as with art, things are getting easier in one sense but at the same time it is getting harder to be stimulated about things or excite people. Without that impetus of creation, progress is not possible. All kinds of ways of expression are spreading out all over the place, information is overflowing, and it’s harder and harder to be excited about anything. In order to be stimulated or moved in the future, we probably have to go into space and look at our world from there. What do I think is an unyielding spirit? It would be wonderful if everyone had it in equal measure. But it’s impossible. This defiant mentality can also be called the fight against absurdity and injustice and the power (authority) that thrives around it (that is rampant). One cannot fight the battle without freedom. I think the best way to fight that battle, which equals the unyielding spirit, is in the realm of creation. That’s exactly why freedom and the spirit of defiance is the source (fountainhead) of my energy.”

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