#KNITTING " It knits us in and it knits us out.   It has knitted time space, pain, death, corruption,   despair and all the ill...

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"It knits us in and it knits us out. 
 It has knitted time space, pain, death, corruption, 
 despair and all the illusions  – and nothing matters" (Universe) 

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dress lana del rey knitted dress editorial
knit top
Puff | Isabel Berglund Beautiful chunky knit piece
Laura Biagiotti Fall 2011
Alexander McQueen Fall 2006
Ermanno Scervino Fall 2009

This delightfull photos are:
1. knitwear by Antje Pugnat
3. Thakoon
4. Cacharel
5. Lana Del Rey in Stella McCartney dress
6. Helmut Lang
7. Isabel Berglund
8. Laura Biagiotti 
9. Alexander McQueen 
10. Ermanno Scervino

In a letter of late December 1897 to Cunninghame Graham, Joseph Conrad metaphorically described the universe as a huge machine:
"It evolved itself (I am severely scientific) out of a chaos of scraps of iron and behold! – it knits. I am horrified at the horrible work and stand appalled. I feel it ought to embroider – but it goes on knitting. You come and say: "this is all right; it's only a question of the right kind of oil. Let us use this – for instance – celestial oil and the machine shall embroider a most beautiful design in purple and gold." Will it? Alas no. You cannot by any special lubrication make embroidery with a knitting machine. And the most withering thought is that the infamous thing has made itself; made itself without thought, without conscience, without foresight, without eyes, without heart. It is a tragic accident –and it has happened. You can't interfere with it. The last drop of bitterness is in the suspicion that you can't even smash it. In virtue of that truth one and immortal which lurks in the force that made it spring into existence it is what it is  – and it is indestructible!
It knits us in and it knits us out. It has knitted time space, pain, death, corruption, despair and all the illusions  – and nothing matters"

 Conrad's writing has a profound philosophical quality and gives insight into human psychology and morality.
There are many more authors who believe not that the universe is a hostile but more of indifferent towards us. Film director Stanley Kubrick said:
 "If man merely sat back and thought about his impending termination, and his terrifying insignificance and aloneness in the cosmos , he would surely go mad, or succumb to a numbing sense of futility. Why, he might ask himself, should he bother to write a great symphony, or strive to make a living, or even to love another, when he is no more than a momentary microbe on a dust mote whirling through the unimaginable immensity of space? ..."

"However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light."

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