"Painting has to get back to its original goal,  examining the inner lives of human beings."  Misia Natanson at Breakfast c...

Pierre Bonnard


"Painting has to get back to its original goal, 
examining the inner lives of human beings." 

Pierre Bonnard (French, 1867-1947)  Misia Natanson at Breakfast  c. 1899. Oil on wood.:
Misia Natanson at Breakfast c. 1899. Oil on wood

Refranes, proverbios y otras paremias sobre la ingratitud | www.frasesparalahistoria.com:

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 La Lampe, c. 1899

La Collation, 1899


Lady and Little Dog by Pierre Bonnard.jpg (447×360):
Lady and Little Dog 

Woman at the Window (also known as Among the Seamstresses)

bofransson:  Girl in the Street Pierre Bonnard - circa 1898:
Girl in the Street

On the Street, Woman with an Umbrella, 1894.jpeg (768×901):
On the Street, Woman with an Umbrella, 1894

paris - the grands boulevards, 1898 (oil on canvas) - Google pretraživanje:
Paris: Les grands boulevards, 1898  

pierre bonnard - Google pretraživanje:
The Grand-Lemps, Autumn

Young Woman in a Landscape (also known as Madame Claude Terrasse in the Enclosed Garden at Grand-Lemps), 1892 / Pierre Bonnard:
Young Woman in a Landscape (also known as Madame 
Claude Terrasse in the Enclosed Garden at Grand-Lemps), 1892 

The Athenaeum - Woman in the Garden (panel 2) (Pierre Bonnard - ):
Woman in the Garden (panel 2)

The Athenaeum - Woman in the Garden (panel 1) (Pierre Bonnard - ):
 Woman in the Garden (panel 1)

Woman at Her Window, c. 1895.jpeg (779×1026):
Woman at Her Window, c. 1895

Google rezultati pretraživanja slika za http://img0.liveinternet.ru/images/attach/c/0/121/584/121584154_Woman_in_Black_Stockings_1900.jpg:
Woman in Black Stockings

pierre bonnard - Google pretraživanje:
Woman Reclining on a Bed, or 
The Indolent Woman 

Woman pulling up her stockings, 1893

Woman Putting on Her Stockings,1895

Marthe Bonnard

Jeune femme a la lampe, 1900.jpeg (800×651):
Young woman near lamp

Pierre Bonnard (1867 –  1947) was a French painter and  a founding member of the Post-Impressionist group of avant-garde painters Les Nabis whose members were also Maurice Denis and Édouard Vuillard. Les Nabis originated as a rebellious group of young student artists who banded together at the Académie Julian.They called a studio ergasterium, and ended their letters with the initials E.T.P.M.V. et M.P., meaning "En ta paume, mon verbe et ma pensée" ("In the palm of your hand, my word and my thoughts.")

"I am just beginning to understand what it is to paint. A painter should have two lives, one in which to learn, and one in which to practice his art."

For this gallery I chose some of his earlier work with palette of grays, browns and ochress that are much darker than his later paintings that radiate luminosity. Even though they are dark they nevertheless seem to me, like all his other paintings, as a warm memory. Which correlates with the fact that he, indeed, worked from memory. He painted from drawings, sketches, a series of notes about how a moment felt to him. And that is why there is almost an poetic feel about his work.

I've read in his biography that someone who knew him described his life as a flat line, but someone who can say: "One does not always sing out of happiness.", has been through everything important in life and knows how to value everyday moments with a loved one which are remarkably depicted in the intimate domestic scenes of his later paintings, for which he is perhaps best known. Those paintings are my favorite for the mere warmth  and profound purity of the intimate moments of early hours in a day with food spread upon white tablecloth illuminated with Bonnard's extraordinary use of light.

His works are  autobiographical, as well as narrative with his wife Marthe being an ever-present subject in them. He married her in 1926 and would focus on painting her for the rest of his life. He always painted Marthe as a young woman, even when they were both old.
You can read more about his life in this quality book with beautiful pictures of artist's work that inspire one to paint:  Bonnard
 (that's Marthe in a bathtub)

And if you're interested in his later work - canvases with radiant Mediterranean light and dazzling color - beautiful warm domestic scenes - then I recommend this book with some rarely seen treasures from private collections: Pierre Bonnard: The Late Still Lifes and Interiors .

or maybe this one:

 "How many days have I spent alone with my cat... and when I say alone, I mean without a material being, for my cat is a mystical companion, a spirit."

Pierre Bonnard - The Bouillabaisse.Very to the point for the moment. My cat just  attacked fish I was cooking.:


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