Margarita Georgiadis Photography by Julia Hetta Paolo Roversi Photography by Sarah Moon photography by Josh Olins photograp...

presence of ...


Margarita Georgiadis - Google pretraÅživanje:
Margarita Georgiadis

Rodeo Magazine, 2011 Photography by Julia Hetta:
Photography by Julia Hetta

| S i m u l a c r u m | Paolo Roversi:
Paolo Roversi
☽ Dream Within a Dream ☾ Misty Blurred Art and Fashion Photography - Sarah Moon:
Photography by Sarah Moon

photography by Josh Olins

La Mort d’Albine - Louise Ebel photographed by Sachie Nagasawa.:
photographed by Sachie Nagasawa

nudeunderwater: Emma Laird in ‘Heart of Glass’for Wonderland Magazine photographed by Jessie Lily Adams:
 photographed by Jessie Lily Adams

Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Show:
Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini Pre-Fall 2016

#nastygalspartyharder #gold #fringe:

Vogue Italia | Paolo Roversi | F.TAPE:
Paolo Roversi

Elie Saab


#ClippedOnIssuu from L'Officiel-Levant, December/January Issue 61:
Photography by Petra Petrovsky and Morena Ramone

Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Show:
Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini Pre-Fall 2016


The art piece  I chose is reflecting multiple symbolic values, like heaviness that only E. Zola can describe. And, for me especially the silence that comes with the feeling of oncoming of the unknown, the uncertainty... or maybe even worse: of knowing what is about to happen, something you have no power over. Metaphorically or literally in nature when storm is about to happen no one can stop it. I see poets of the past bowing to the dark skies and writing their best verses describing this kind of ominous clouds and the feelings they stir up in us. 
The painting is by Australian artist Margarita Georgiadis. " Her greatest skill is her ability to access the fragility of the human spirit. In every single work, there is a suggestion of the painful fallibility of humankind and a reminder of the cyclical quality of everlasting time" - Prue Gibson, AAR Magazine, 2010 

Artists statement: 
- "Through the process of painting, my concerns are based on endless variations of silence and absence, presented as a series of fragmented narrative. "
- "I endeavour to paint the presence of absence". 

From an interview:
What’s been your best decision? 
To buy the ramshackle cinema in which my husband and I live and work, on the Southern Tablelands of NSW.
What are you passionate about? 
Universal enlightenment.


Besides having similar color scheme the enticing fashion photos here capture that fragile human state and dark notions very similar to the ones that the scene in  painting induces.


and it is possible a great presence is moving near me.
   I have faith in nights. 
- Rilke - 

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