“Footfalls echo in the memory,  down the passage we did not take,  towards the door we never opened,  into the  rose  garden.”  ―  T.S....

floral abundance

“Footfalls echo in the memory, 
down the passage we did not take,
 towards the door we never opened, 
into the rose garden.” 
― T.S. Eliot

“Portsmouth Doorway” by Abbott Fuller Graves is one of the paintings on exhibit in the Fruitlands Art Gallery. (Courtesy photo):
Portsmouth Doorway

abbott fuller graves paintings - Google Search:
Summer Garden

flowers in a blue and white vase - Abbott Fuller Graves:
Flowers in a Blue and White Vase

Pond lilies by Abbott Fuller Graves:
Pond Lilies

ladies by a gazebo - Abbott Fuller Graves:
Ladies by a Gazebo

Kennebunkport Doorway 

LÁMINAS VINTAGE,ANTIGUAS,RETRO Y POR EL ESTILO.... (pág. 513) | Aprender manualidades es facilisimo.com:

Backyard with a Cat

High Tea

Abbott Fuller Graves (1859-1936), "Woman with Flower Basket":

 Woman with Flower Basket

A Woman Carrying Flowers

Graves, Abbott Fuller (American, 1859-1936) 2. Американские художники:

At Grandmothers Doorway 

64's 50th  - Tygarts Valley High School Class of 1964: DAY 103 - COUNTING DOWN TO THE 50TH:

The Flower Sellers

The Athenaeum - A Summers Day (Abbott Fuller Graves - No dates listed):
A Summer's Day

Abbott Fuller Graves (1859-1936), "In the Garden":
In the Garden

Abbott Fuller Graves - Morning in the Garden:
Morning in the Garden

abbott fuller graves | Abbott Fuller Graves (Гревс Эббот Фуллер ...:

New Orleans Courtyard

Doorway and Garden

I'm still in a garden mood from my last post,as seen above in a gallery of 
Abbott  Fuller Graves paintings.
And if you're reminded of Monet,  as I was on a first sight that's because Graves (1859–1936) was indeed influenced by European impressionism.

'So we are grasped by what we cannot grasp.', as Rilke said, and I'm grasped by the idea of a garden I guess just because I cannot have it. (yep I'm a serial and serious complainer and I shall try to transcend this phase as soon as possible for the benefits of my personal growth.) As Schopenhauer said somewhere "regard this world as a place of penance and hence a penal colony..." , he actually called this world a hell and therefore: 'the really proper address between one man and another should be, instead of sir, Monsieur, and so on, Leidensgefährte,'soci malorum','compagnon de misères', 'my fellow-sufferer'.
(penal colony...I'm always surprised by the type of humor philosophers have, or finding it in the most unexpected places.)
 But he also said that 'art provides a temporary respite from suffering.',
and therefore fellow-sufferers :) we have such beautiful art as in gallery above, or art, in general, to lift us above ourselves to a completely different sphere.
The lines, the colors, the soft silence of this gardens, besides the sounds of nature,the wind in trees and chirping of birds, transfer  to us peacefulness of a higher kind.

It seems to me I walked by some of those gardens on a log walk when I was a child.
I'm getting Proustian here and it's not just because of reminiscence of childhood or all of the floral abundance, one of the paintings (the 14th) looks almost like a scene in 'Swann's Way' where the narrator  describes his grandmother's endless perambulations in her garden. And there is one painting with a name: At Grandmothers Doorway, almost fairytale like and I honestly hope that is a painting of authors grandmothers actual doorway and garden.

And to sum things up about what incredible gift to us art is, words from one of my favorite painters in his letters to his brother  (and this was before he even started painting):
How much there is in art that is beautiful, if only one can remember what one has seen, one is never empty or truly lonely, and never alone. (...) I wish you well, may you thrive in your work and encounter many good things on your path in life, such as stay in the memory and make us rich though we seemingly have nothing."
- Vincent Van Gogh


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