Jeanne Mammen (Berlin 1890-1976), Revuegirls, 1928 * ...

unseen, only to see


Jeanne Mammen (Berlin 1890-1976), Revuegirls, 1928

Jeanne Mammen (Berlin 1890-1976), Revuegirls, 1928



Simone Rocha Spring 2016

Valentino Spring 2017

ELLE France July 2017 Esmee Christine by Rokas Darulis

Christian Dior - Detalles

Simone Rocha Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show Details

Photographed by Colin Dodgson for LOVE collections S/S 2015

Nylon Magazine March 2017 by Shxpir - Fashion Editorials

ELLE Canada May 2016 Frances Coombe by Felix Wong

Lou Schoof photographed by Sarah Blais

Jonathan Simkhai Spring 2018

Dany Atrache Fall 2017 Couture


the appealing fashion photos above are:
1. 1940's nightgown
2. Simone Rocha Spring 2016
3. Valentino Spring 2017
4. ELLE France July 2017 Esmee Christine by Rokas Darulis
5. Christian Dior
6. Simone Rocha Spring 2017
7. Photographed by Colin Dodgson
8. Nylon Magazine March 2017
9. ELLE Canada May 2016 Frances Coombe by Felix Wong
10. Lou Schoof photographed by Sarah Blais
11. Jonathan Simkhai Spring 2018
12. Dany Atrache Fall 2017 Couture

Jeanne Mammen  (1890-1976)  was an artist with a very particular style exploring an urban life of Berlin of the Weimar-era. She often portrayed lesbians but also intimate, sensual moments between two women who are not necessary in an intimate relationship but just seem close. She also contributed to two lesbian magazines.
 At that time it was quite normal for women to live together, as in a little pack out of economic and security reasons that sometimes turned into intimate relationships. Which leaves the question open - was she a lesbian herself? And the answer is: it does not matter. I would like to know, but it makes no difference. I would like to read a book about her French lover Giselle (I just made this up). But most of all I would like to know, looking into history,  why were so many artists gay. Again, it does not matter but it's so clearly visible. I guess because we're sensitive, and I call myself an artist because if you do art you are an artist, and bad art is still art, but I'm not going to put any of it here for you to see until it matures. And as a painter one is inspired in more than one way. Only I think people before did not build their identity on the foundations of their sexual orientation. Things were more fluid when it came to labeling, others or oneself. It is artist's aesthetic sensibility that makes most of the building blocks of his or hers persona. And in some cases in past, the persona of an artist was larger than his or hers art.

And sometimes quite the opposite happened because of their sensitive nature artists were forced to withdraw themselves from society living almost hermit-like existence.

" ...I have always wanted to be just a pair of eyes, walking through the world unseen, only to see others. Unfortunately one was seen."

 Jeanne Mammen

I can so relate to this. Every now and then I see one of those less ordinary people and I get to see them in their natural state and pass unnoticed by this visions as I call them, and I am very thankful for this experiences its like they get recorded by my brain and then filed for various artistic purposes whether drawing whether potentially writing about them. I'm inspired all the time but rarely does something good come out of it. What is the antidote? I guess - more work. What do you care, you wonder am I gay :)

"Artists are people driven by the tension between the desire to communicate and the desire to hide.”

― D.W. Winnicott


So I saw this and was curious what will I get

here's mine:

- name
my name is jeff 
(there we go gender fluidity once more)

my age in days

- location
i live in spanish

- nationality
  i was born in spanish
(can you tell? a couple of years ago I was learning Spanish)

- body type
my body is ready

- i am looking for
i am looking for ward to hearing from you
who enjoys residuary powers
and has card status

-  i enjoy
 i enjoy in spanish (2.being a girl) i like you in spanish (2. i like a guy who has a girlfriend) i like dogs in spanish - Me gustan los perros, and i like to party
(so basically a stereotypical latin lover with a pup. ay)

- My ideal partner would be
a person who does animation (2. sells meat) who can it be now?
(now you're asking questions?)

- my turn ons are
hugging and kissing
brains and brawn
intelligence and depression

- my turn offs are
being mary jane and being in agony he prayed

my turn off are in spanish slang

Well, this was so fun I asked my friend M. to do it. 
I guess you could call her a nerd or something:

- name
my name is (what?)

my age  What's My Age Again? blink-182 

- location
i live in meaning

-  nationality
 i was born in or on grammar

- body type
my body is ready meaning
(yes, I would like the meaning of this)

- i am looking for
i am looking for facebook
who enjoys plural
and has The Woman Who Is Always Tan And Has a Flat Stomach
(so, what? a dude from fb who wants a polyamorous relationship with me and someone like me only with different skin-type)

-  i enjoy
 i enjoy sentences
(yes, preferably in a book)
 i like that's what i like  i like Cool jewelry shining so bright  and i like It

 - my ideal partner would be
a person who grammar
who say what you want to say but my mind's made up anyway and who or those whom
(none of this is grammatically correct)

my turn ons are
caring and displaying kindness 
hugging and  scientific facts
intelligence and the DNA Revolution

my turn offs are
being thesaurus and being and time martin heidegger 
(yes, the book is a bit of a turn off I must warn you)

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